Eye Allure: from drab to fab…easy, quick tricks!

Sometimes the simplest of tricks can make your eyes look just gorgeous. Let me talk you through it…

  • Start with a pair of metal lash curlers and gently crimp your clean, dry lashes. (Please ensure the rubber in the bottom of the tray is undamaged and present! If not, you might chop your lashes off  #disaster!!!). The easiest way to do this is to look downwards, rest the top bar on your lid and close down as near to your lash-line as possible. Shu Uemura lash curlers are my favourite, but you can get a similar pair at most pharmacies.
  • Layer your mascara. To reduce clumping between applications, comb through your lashes with a clean, old mascara wand.
  • Eyelure makes an easy to use, battery-operated, warming lash curler. (Available from Dischem, if the metal curler reminds you of a torture device). Heat up the wand and lightly press your mascaraed (…I’m not sure this is a word, but you know what I mean…) lashes onto your eyelid, hold…and taaaaadaaaa! Sometimes on shoots and for my brides, I use both types of curlers, to ensure those doe-eyed lashes stay all day! (Remember: metal ones on clean lashes and warming ones on dry mascaraed lashes).
  • If you have neither of these curling tools and are on a budget, try this! Get your hairdryer ready on the low heat setting. Apply your mascara and close your eyes. Using your hairdryer, blow your lashes upward with your eyes still closed…REALLY! It works! Please do not burn your face with the dryer 😉
  • Try applying mascara to your lower lashes. Warning: This does not suit everyone! This trick can make your eyes look bigger and appear more awake.
  • Remember to keep that tearline clean if you have smaller eyes. If your lower tear line is a bit red or discoloured, you can line it with a flesh coloured pencil. This can also make your eyes appear wider. I love Chanel Le Crayon Kohl in Clair.
  • Line under your top lash-line with a long-lasting, dark-coloured liner to make your lashes look even thicker.


  • I’ve used Stila’s Stay all Day, waterproof liquid liner in this pic. Fool-proof and my fav. Remember to use your lash line to guide you as you draw. For more on eyeliner and how to apply it, click here
  • Did you know that the way you apply your mascara can slightly change your eye-shape? For bigger rounder eyes, take the mascara from the very bottom of the lash out to the sides. Spread those lashes out like a fan. For a more cat-eyed look, you can sweep the mascara to the outer edges of your eyes.



All graphics and photography by B


Author: Bernice Dodd

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