How to get Streak Free, Flawless, Liquid foundation application.

The finish of your foundation has much to do with the quality of your foundation, but that conversation is for another day. Today is the test of the tools.

Which makeup tool provides the best application of your liquid foundation?

A brush? A sponge? Which brush or sponge? Your fingers?

It was difficult to photograph the final result, even though I used a shade of foundation much darker than my skin tone.

I used the same liquid foundation, with each tool, to get the most natural, streak-free finish. This is what I found…

The Tools

1. Using your Fingers: Streak-free finish Rating ✮✮✮

Pump a pea-sized amount of foundation into your hands, rub together and apply to your face like moisturiser. The result can be streaky.

To avoid this, moisturise skin and immediately follow with foundation or BB cream application. The moisturiser allows the foundation to slide across the skin and blend easily into a more natural finish. Be sure to blend foundation into your neckline and outer edges of your face, (especially close to ears).

I always recommend double-checking that your foundation is flawless in natural light.


2.  The Egg Sponge (used the correct way): Streak-free finish Rating ✮✮✮✮✮

Click here to read about the correct way to use this sponge.

This finish is truly flawless and streak-free, if the sponge is used in the correct way. (NB- Make sure you have removed all the water in the sponge by squeezing in a towel).

Place a pea-sized amount onto the back of your hand and using sponge, work into the skin. The coverage should be light, sheer and even. The moisture in the sponge also decreases excessive absorption of foundation. (Available at Dischem & Clicks)


3. The dry cosmetics sponge: Streak-free finish Rating ✮✮✮

I do not recommend this type of sponge for liquid foundation. The finish is streakier than the others and the sponge absorbs so much product. Your liquid foundation would probably last twice as long if you switched to the moist egg sponge. This type of sponge is much better suited to thicker foundation formulas or foundations in a compact.


4. The Basic Foundation brush: Streak-free finish Rating ✮✮✮✮

I use this brush on my models for better coverage of the skin. It is especially good with thicker foundation formulas, like foundation sticks. Unless you use very little liquid foundation at a time and really buff it in, it is easy to end up with streaky foundation, using this brush.


5. The Polishing Foundation brush: Streak-free finish Rating ✮✮✮✮✮

This brush is the most luxurious of the foundation brushes, in my opinion. Tapered synthetic hairs are tightly packed together to gently polish foundation into the skin for an even, flawless finish. It does not absorb too much product; a little goes a long way.

Pump a pea-sized amount of foundation onto the back of your hand. Using a little at a time, buff foundation into your skin. My Favourite!

This brush is compatible with any type of foundation and works beautifully with cream blush too (must be clean of foundation when using cream blush).

Shiseido and Dior make a brush like this.

(Available at Stuttafords


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Model Image from: Daily Mail-You Magazine

Photographer: James Becker

Makeup: Bernice Dodd

Model: Joanna Stubbs

Author: Bernice Dodd

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