Draw the Line

B’s top five liquid eyeliners and how to use them for your eye shape.


The top 5

1. Stila: Stay all day waterproof liquid eye liner

Waterproof liquid liner that does not budge all day! Thin marker-like tip. Dries quickly, does not run and is precise

2. Marc Jacobs: Magic Marc’er Precision Pen

A very dark and shiny, black liquid liner very much like a calligraphy pen. Draws fine lines and is very precise.


A water-based eyeliner with a thin marker–like tip.

4. Shu Uemura: Liquid eyeliner pen

Has a fibre tip and uses cartridges like a fountain pen. Clean lines and great for a lighter, not as black line.

5.NYX: The curve

This liner has an innovative, ergonomic shape that makes applying liquid liner mistake-proof. You can buy the exact same liner at Sephora too.


Liner for your eye shape…

1. Wide-Set eyes

Concentrate your liner on the inner corners of your eyes. Helping to draw your eyes together.

2. Close-Set eyes

Concentrate the thickest part of your liner on the outside corners of your eyes to draw them out.

3. Small Eyes

Draw your liner just above the top lash line. On the bottom, draw your liner about ½ mm under your bottom lash line to give your eyes a more doe eyed effect. Line your tear line with white or flesh coloured eye pencil. Individual or false lashes longer than your own will also help make your eyes look bigger.

4. Round Eyes

Take a black eye pencil and line your top and bottom tear lines, all the way around. Bring your liquid liner out on the outer edges of your eyes, to create a more almond look to your eye.

5. Deep-set Eyes

Use only light eye shadows, like a taupe or beige. Lengthen your lashes and use only the thinnest of lines along and very close to the lash line. Preferably none on the bottom.

6. Drooping Eyes

Draw the liner thicker and upward into a tick on the outer eye. Then bring it down and taper halfway into the bottom lid along the lash line. Use a black eyeliner pencil in the bottom outer tear line.

7. Almond Eyes

You can do almost anything with this eye shape. If you want your eye to have a rounder look, bring the liner into a thicker line above the lid and keep the uptick at the outer edges short.

8. Asian Eyes

You can do the same as the almond eye or keep it simple and fine with a light uptick at the outer edges.

Author: Bernice Dodd

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