B’s DIY Coconut hair mask! Take some time out to pamper yourself this weekend!

The weather is balmy and all I smell is coconut. The music is playing Harry Nilsson’s 1971 ‘Coconut’  Click on the link and let’s go there girls…

Carolyn Murphy photographed by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia, June 2005. Makeup by Pat MacGrath.

Carolyn Murphy photographed by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia, June 2005. Makeup by Pat MacGrath.

Years ago, I worked with a model from Denmark. She had the most magnificent mane of platinum blonde hair, I had ever seen. When I complemented her, she told me that she bleached her hair and was naturally a brunette. I could not believe how healthy and glossy her hair was. Her secret…a weekly DIY coconut oil treatment.

Coconut oil is available from most organic grocers. In South Africa you can find it at Woolworths or Wellness warehouse.

Virgin Coconut oil is made from fresh, raw coconut, is cold-pressed and filtered. It retains its natural coconut scent and is more expensive, but it’s worth it.

Plain coconut oil has no smell and is not as nutritive because it is processed from dried coconut meat! If you really are not crazy about the smell of coconut, you can use organic, cold-pressed virgin olive oil instead.

I like to keep my oil in the fridge. Coconut oil solidifies if you keep it in temperatures under 24 °C, so you might need to melt it. Please don’t microwave this oil ever, this changes the properties of oil. This is how you do it…

How to melt coconut oil

How to melt coconut oil

  • Scrape some coconut oil into a glass bowl, if it is solid. Place the glass bowl into a larger one, containing warm water. Allow the oil to melt slowly. For medium length hair, I’d use a 1 1/2 heaped tablespoon of solid oil.
  • Massage into dry hair. Give yourself a well deserved scalp massage at the same time, this helps to stimulate hair growth. Let those cares melt away. For a more intense treatment you can wrap some cling wrap around your hair. Leave this treatment in for as long as you like.
Leave the oil treatment in for as long as you like.

Leave the treatment in for as long as you like.

  • This is a good time to sink into a bubble bath with a book (If you’re a huge Coconut fan, you can swish some of the Body Shop’s Coconut foaming Bath into that water).
  • It is very important to emulsify the oil in your hair with shampoo before you add water otherwise you will never get it out.
  • Add water, little by little and foam it all up. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Give your hair a second wash with less shampoo if you feel it is necessary.
  • You shouldn’t need to use conditioner. Let your hair dry naturally if you can.

There you go… gorgeous, glossy locks!

Other fabulous uses for that huge pot of coconut oil, other than coconut curry

  • The coconut oil needs to be in liquid form for this one, so melt gently using the method above. Massage into wet skin in the bath or shower and use as a shaving oil. Your legs will be baby soft.
  • For soft and supple skin, smooth onto your body after a bath or shower.
  • Massage into tummy, bottom and lower back to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.
  • Use on a cotton pad to remove makeup easily. Be sure to rub the coconut oil into the cotton pad with your finger before you touch it to your eye otherwise you might have blurry coconut vision for a while.
  • You can also apply the oil as an eye cream.
  • Get rid of frizz and split ends by rubbing a touch of coconut oil between your hands and smoothing into your hair. Use incredibly sparingly, otherwise your hair will appear greasy.
  • Massage into elbows & heels at night to moisturise.
  • Rub into cuticles to stimulate nail growth.
Coconut, Lime & Sugar Scrub from Our Best Bites Blog

Coconut, Lime & Sugar Scrub from Our Best Bites Blog

In the theme of our background music, I had to share this fabulous recipe for a DIY Coconut and Lime Sugar Scrub from Our Best Bites Blog which you can incorporate into your weekly, coconutty home spa day! Also…what a great idea for a personalised and inexpensive girly gift (this post also includes a gorgeous printable for the jar).

Have a relaxed weekend all!


Author: Bernice Dodd

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