Going to Greater Lengths: From Bob to Long Hair


Last winter, on a whim, I chopped my hair into a short bob. After a while I had a longing for longer locks again. I could always wear clip in extensions, (See my “How to make your own extensions” post!) but I wanted something more permanent.

I came across tape extensions. After matching my hair colour, my friend Shoneez, from Spoilt Salon  transformed me into a long-haired lady! Thank you Shoneez!


The down-low on my ‘Easihair Tape Hair Extensions’

  • In addition to the length, my hair feels thicker…bonus!
  • The extensions are slightly straighter than my natural hair, so if I tong them lightly, they blend beautifully.
  • Application of the taped hair strips, is incredibly fast, approx 45 mins. I had the bonded extensions done years ago and they took hours.
  • NO Colouring necessary ( But you can if you need to)! The hair is matched to your colour beforehand. This is a great way to add highlights/ lowlights (without chemical processing) to your hair when you are pregnant.
  • The tape is attached close to your hair root so it feels slightly itchy for the first day or two. After that you don’t really feel the extensions at all.
  • The extensions lie flat so you can still tie your hair up without seeing the tape. It’s slightly tricky to slide pins into the hair if you are creating an ‘updo’. Really, how often do we have a serious updo?!
  • You cannot wash your hair for 48hrs to allow the tape to bond correctly! I used a touch of dry shampoo because I don’t like oily roots.
  • Remember to shampoo downwards gently and condition halfway down your hair to the ends. Use cooler water than you normally would, it helps the bonds last longer.
  • Brush hair to prevent tangling with a special extension brush, (gentle on your extensions).
  • Make sure hair is completely dry at the roots before blow drying the ends! This helps prevent your extensions coming out.
  • The extensions are not cheap because they are made from 100% human hair. They are an investment. If you look after them, they can last you up to a year. Your professional stylist will clean them and reapply new tape when it’s time to.
  • You can have them removed and reapplied quickly and easily at a salon approx every 4-6 weeks, depending on how quickly your hair grows.

I definitely recommend them!

Author: Bernice Dodd

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